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We are versatile in taking different styles and types of photographs and this all depends on the requirements of our clients. Some of our specialties include:

Lifestyle Photography
This is a type of photography that has the intent to capture or portray people in real-life situations and events, suspending the images in real time. Lifestyle photography helps us to tell the stories of our lives, and it inspires us to be better than our limitations.

Our lifestyle photographers are passionate about telling your stories, reliving your dreams, fears and hopes. We are passionate about giving you the best quality lifestyle photos for your magazines and events. Because of our expertise in lifestyle photography, you can count on us to deliver street photography that is right up your street. To take a look at our portfolio of photography under this category, reach out to us here.

Still life Photography
Our still life photographers are some of the leading names in the business. We can help you bring out the colour in your food, or highlight your products with ease. Still life photography helps you to capture the non-living and expressing it as art. We can help you express the emotion required from your subject to evoke the required response from your audience.

The beauty about still life photography is it gives us the freedom to explore and implement different elements of design to bring out the best in your subject. Subjects we have photographed include food, flowers, mountains, and cars. Whatever you need, always count on us to deliver the best photographs for you and your company.

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Travel & Landscape Photography
This is a specialty that takes care of landscape and involves photographs of different cultures, way of life and history. A travel photo expresses the sentiments of a place in time and captures the essence of the subject matter without additives or limitations. Our travel photographers can move across any part of the world to bring your subject to life.

We have worked with aid organizations, travel blogs, and documentary channels to help them showcase the emotion in their stories. We shoot a broad variety of subject matter under different conditions both in the rain, sunshine or snow. As travel becomes more convenient, the job of the travel photographer increases to include subject matter which has not been captured before.

Let us help you capture your photographs using innovative methods that excite the senses. To find out how we can help your business in this genre, please use the contact forms here.

Sport Photography
This is style of photography that encompasses the different kinds of sports we have in the world. We do two types of sports photography: photojournalism which covers professional and top-level competitive sports on the one hand, and vernacular photography which covers sports at leisure.

We have covered many major sporting events in the course of our work and this includes some of the biggest sporting finals in history. We have covered not less than five World Series events as well as three Champions League finals. Our photojournalists are professional in this genre, capturing critical moments of sports history that have become iconic moments today. Our passionate sports photographers have delivered high-quality work for major newspapers and magazines including wire agencies.

You can also hire your sports photographers for ad purposes, to promote your sports products and increase sales or improve revenue. Or sports photographers can always be trusted to help you with your work so contact us here.