Photography can easily become a costly hobby if you do not know how to start. Every photographer needs his tools to take good shots that capture the essence of a subject. But photography in its purist form is not all about the camera. Yes, we know a camera is the most essential item when it comes to taking photographs but there are other gear which are just as important. The advantage of having the right equipment allows you to take exquisite camera shots at different times of the day, in different seasons and in different terrain.

As a beginner it is advisable you buy your equipment piece by piece to give you the time to understand their use. In order to begin your journey, these are the most essential equipment needed to make your mark in the photography niche. Once you have your skills honed, you can put more money into upgrading the equipment already at your disposal.

  • Tripod Stand

This is as essential as a scalpel to a surgeon. There are not much camera equipment that have more functionality than a tripod stand. Tripods help you set well; whether it is taking a photo shoot at a wedding, or waiting for that perfect shot of the elusive animal. This equipment is very useful in places with minimal light as it can help you get the long exposure you need to take extremely cool shots. An example of this is when taking photos during the night. Tripods reduce shaking and improve stability to ensure your pictures are taken perfectly.

  • External Flash

A professional photographer without an external flash is not worthy of the title photographer. This is because it is an important accessory especially where you do not have an internal flash in your camera. There are many inexpensive speed flashes that you can try which will not only cost less for your pocket, it will also add good value for your photography experience.

  • Prime lens

This comes very handy when you have been in the business for a little while. At this time, you would have collected a lot of different lens that can aid you in putting out different types and styles of shots. But before you get to this stage, you should do well to invest in single prime lens. A prime lens ordinarily, is one without zoom. It may see like making your life more difficult, but using a prime lens at the beginning of your career enables you to learn different composition techniques which increases your skills and ultimately helps you grow as a technical photographer.

  • Charger & Batteries

Once external flash was mentioned, you should expect to see the above items somewhere down the list. External flash or flash of any kind uses a lot of power. So you will obviously consume a lot of battery life. Rather than go for the normal batteries, invest in rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries may seem expensive at the store compared to the usual but when you use them for a while you find out cost is actually saved in the long term compared to normal batteries. As one who is about to get serious with photography, it is advisable to go for the rechargeable batteries. Invest in a good charger as well because the batteries will not charge themselves.

  • SD Cards

An SD card gives you the choice of taking more shots because you have more memory. Invest in many smaller SD cards than one big one to avoid losing all your files in one swoop should the card get corrupted.


These are the essential equipment needed to start your career in photography. Follow these guidelines and you can be sure to become a mature experienced photographer in no time.