This is a list to help you understand our fees and pricing for all our photography services.

We charge approximately £150 (VAT inclusive) for a 60 minute session and this includes all processing costs as well as image licensing fees.

If you would prefer a custom session tailored to your requirements, or you want a written quotation, please contact us by using the contact forms here.

Custom Quotations

We have a policy of transparency and honesty and we do not like to include hidden costs into our fees when you request a quote. This is why we have taken the extra precaution to list our base price for every service we render. But we also understand that it is possible for a client to overestimate the amount of time that may be spent per session and this may lead to an overestimation of the fees to be paid.

The best way to avoid this challenge is to allow us give you a personalized quote which provides you a full schedule of our rates and gives you the choice of picking options that are most suitable for you. Before you access a personalized quote, please fill the information booklet located here for us to better understand what you would need from us.


As with all good businesses with focus on the consumer, we offer nice discount rates to ensure your loyalty and continued patronage. Our discount rates depend on the volume of work to be done and the duration. To find out about our discount rates, please click here.